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Friday, July 23, 2004

Software Install Weekend...

... I hate software install weekend. All the pressure comes due. It is time to put the project into the production environment and see what happens. In this case we have hundereds of modules (ColdFusion, Java and Unix code) and one application available to the end users was subject to a complete re-write.
For every single change to existing code there is the potential for, what I figure, 20 or so bugs to crop up directly or indirectly related to the change implemented. The number of bug goes up or down dependingon the quality or level of complexity of the code involved of course - up for bad code or high complexity, down for good code and low complexity. In this case we are talking about hundreds (if not thousands) of changes to some moderate-low complexity web code and a new Java module (3000+ lines of code) which a large amount of fairly complex business logic.
Needless to say, with the level of change and complexity of the code has me worried, agrivated by the fact that I seem to be 'in charge'.


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