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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Install ... Completed :-)

The installation of our code completed yesterday; and arduous 12 hour process for me that started at 8:30 in the morning when the support phone rang and ended at 8:20 at night. Almost following the philosophy of some military commanders, I was the first on 'battlefield' and the last to leave.

All in all the installation went pretty well. Some install tasks fell out of place in the timeline causing some problems; the java makefile on production failed and we had to manually compile each code module separately; and a scattering of small bugs in some of the code appeared, indirectly causing other bugs in the install process to slow us down. My Java code also was installed, though functionality was not tested until late in the night (due to the location of the code and the other offices installed, it ended up not being part of the general DW install checklist).

Now, as I sit here, UCT is beginning. Connectivity and sanity testing has already been completed and it is now up to the end users to certify the code as installed and operating according to the specs. I expect some consternation today as things progress. This is mostly due to a lack of actual understanding on the part of the end-users as to what they are getting and how they are to operate it; like a caveman asking for some method of transportation to the stars and then immediately being placed in a rocket ship and told: Here you go. :-)


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